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History of Locks- Who Invented Locks?

Safety. It’s a small word, four consonants, only one vowel, but the concept it conveys is monumental. It means peace, tranquility, the certainty of not having to fear for the well-being of our belongings, family, savings, etc. For as long as there have been possessions, there have been people trying to get a hold of them, the easy way, by taking them when the owners are unaware. Along the years,…

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Car Key Duplication Locksmith Chicago IL

There is a lot of frustration involved when we lose our car keys, first, we start by undergoing a never-ending quest trying to find them, going back to the places we'd been, retracing our steps and all the while we remain in denial of the fact we lose them for good. After a few hours of pointless search and finally reaching the acceptance stage of our grievance, we decide it…

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Locksmith Lincoln Park Chicago IL

Some of The Most Advanced Door Locks on the Market

Locks have taken a long road to offer security to homes through years. From the very simply key lock device, they have improved to security locks until reaching the latest technology developments and in the latest years the market have been flooded with what has been called Smart Locks. These devices offer a great array of features going from simply allowing the entrance and leaving of your home up to…

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